All of our residential heating and cooling options are designed for energy savings and comfort, and are built to last.

The Lennox brand dates back to 1895 in North America when Dave Lennox built and marketed the world’s first riveted steel furnace.  In 2014, Lennox celebrates 40 years of distribution in Australia.

The Lennox brand of HVAC equipment was first distributed in Australia in 1974. Today, Lennox heating & cooling products are exclusively available throughout the extensive Heatcraft Australia branch network and Lennox Dealer network.

In its 40th year in Australia, new Lennox products will include the iComfort WiFi® controller which can be remotely programmed using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The new controller makes it easy to pre-program the temperature to ensure occupants always walk into a comfortable home environment.

Lennox offers a range of High Efficiency and Mid Efficiency gas furnaces for the ultimate in energy efficient gas heating.  Energy saving technology like variable speed motors also enhances comfort, creating the perfect balance of temperature and humidity in every room of your home.

Lennox Add-on Cooling complements your gas furnace to enhance the value of your home and provide year round climate control.  Lennox add-on cooling can be installed with your Lennox (or alternate brand) gas ducted heater at the same time as your gas furnace installation or at a later stage depending on your comfort and budget requirements.  One thermostat can control both heating and cooling to deliver cool refrigerated air through your existing heating vents.

Lennox offers a range of reverse cycle hi-wall split air conditioners, window units and ducted systems with varying capacities to provide year round efficient climate control.

Lennox systems are built to the highest standards to deliver years of reliable and accurate temperature control. And at Lennox we understand indoor noise is critical, so we’ve designed our air conditioners to operate quietly, so the only thing you’ll notice is how comfortable you feel.

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