Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

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Ducted reverse cycles are quickly becoming
the most popular cooling system installed
into both new and existing homes.

Also known as ducted split, ducted reverse cycle options are not limited to only being able to cool one room like split systems. This system gives you more flexibility and control over where and when you can cool certain areas of your home.

Ducted splits that use inverter technology greatly help to reduce your energy consumption. As always, our products and services are designed around your lifestyle and house design.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right system, such as the orientation of your house, the number of people living there, the level of insulation and more. At National Heating & Cooling, our professional and qualified team make this choice simple. Our design software eliminates all of the variables when it comes to installing a reliable ducted split that is both efficient to run and cost effective to purchase.

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