If you have a Constant Bleed system, you will see a constant flow while the air conditioner’s pump is operating. The amount of water flow will vary depending on the rate set by the installer – so, if you are in doubt of the setting of your bleed off, please contact your installer. If you are not sure who installed your air conditioner, you can call your local service company for a maintenance service. Please note that this type of adjustment is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a Watermiser” water management system, the system is designed to monitor and control the quality of the water in the tank. So, it only drains water when the system really needs to. It does this by bleeding off water down through the drain, which is replaced with fresh water via water inlet float valve as the water level in the unit drops. The frequency at which the water manager bleeds off is determined by the quality of the water in the tank. A probe in the tank measures the water salinity (impurities) and, when this rises above a set level, the unit will drain some water. The frequency at which the water manager allows water to bleed off is dependent on: 1) The water supply quality; 2) The temperature of the day; 3) The humidity of the day; 4) The wind of the day; 5) The fan speed the unit is being run at; and 6) The size of the unit. In some circumstances, you may be able to use rain water, or even recycle the water used by the cooler

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